The ideal fantasy business structure is that it’s some form of a pyramid: power dynamics are pretty straightforward; leaders have a decent sense of what’s going on across the company; management can quickly take care of problems as they arise.

Unfortunately, reality is far messier: power dynamics are generally deeply unclear; leaders are often totally in the dark about core problems; finding solutions can be a challenge and implementing them sometimes a seeming impossibility.  If you’re a company that invests in, merges with, or buys other companies – VC, private equity, film and TV studios, many new media and internet companies – these problems are only compounded to the point that the most brilliant investment can be wiped out solely due to the negative interplay of the people involved.  The good news is that that this is a problem with a solution.

Social Intelligence Strategizing (SIS), the core tool of SLI Advisors, views businesses through the lens of their interpersonal interactions and assists companies in managing the often messy real-world social web and power dynamics to get money and productivity sucking fires put out before they start.

Put a different way, running a business at all is risky enough; if it’s going to fail, let it be because it was simply a gamble that didn’t pay off and not because the social mix submarined it without the leaders even knowing it was happening and being given a chance to do something about it.