MattPrager small (photographer - David Clement)Matt Prager is a Social Intelligence Strategist and Founder of SLI Advisors, a consulting company that focuses on assisting corporations minimize risk by helping them manage the complex social web and power dynamics in non-pyramidal business structures such as those that arise in venture capital, private equity, and film and TV production.

Matt started his career in the extremely high-risk, high-investment, high-pressure, difficult-personality world of Hollywood where he worked for numerous studios and production companies including Disney, Fox, and HBO where, as a studio executive, he made 15 movies which received 10 Emmy and 9 Golden Globe nominations along with several wins.  He then went on to a successful writing career in both TV (SOUTH PARK among others) and film (Fox’s remake of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS and various studio punchups), in addition to providing Social Intelligence Strategizing services to various CEOs, executives, showrunners, actors, writers, producers, and directors.

As a Social Intelligence Strategist, Matt has consulted for a wide range of companies including hedge fund DE Shaw, the Department of Justice, various financial firms, Telepictures, Warner-Horizon, and Universal Music among others.  His specialty is in the arena of risk- and cost-minimization in the situations that arise when personalities well-suited to one area but ill-suited to management – such as artists, scientists, tech/computer “geeks,” or financial wizards – are placed in high-level leadership positions thus exponentially increasing the company’s risk of failure.

Matt received a BA in English from Princeton University and an MSW from NYU.  He is the author of the This Or Prozac series and has been featured in the New York Post, the London Guardian, on the BBC, Der Spiegel, Fox and Friends, and various other media outlets.